DOH To Start Hiring for 2nd Batch of RN Heals Program

RN Heals 2nd Batch

Is this meant to signal a brighter future ahead for the thousands of unemployed nurses nationwide? Image courtesy of Nurse Today.

The Department of Health’s Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement And Local Service (RN Heals) program was a wildly successful project right from the outset, garnering an immediate 10,000 applicants nationwide within hours of its announcement. While its initial launch had served its purpose well–providing employment to nurses who need it the most and deploying them to areas where health care workers are scarce or aren’t even present at all–it can only do so much in addressing the high unemployment rate that still plagues the thousands of nurses here in the Philippines. Thus, it may be no surprise to anyone that it didn’t take long before a search for the “second batch” of applicants had been announced a couple of days ago… and reportedly on a Wall post, no less.

According to the blog post of Alvin Dakis, president of The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates, International (ANYLA), the DOH is indeed hiring, and a scanned copy of the guidelines is now currently being circulated online as of this writing. Some bullet points from this document that are sure to be highlighted are the number of nurses needed and the proposed rate of allowances that are to be allotted for each of these successful applicants: DOH has now bumped up the number of applicants needed to 11,500 nationwide, and the salary is still fixed at a fairly serviceable amount of  ₱ 8,000.

There is, however, one minor–but no less significant–change in the application process this time around. Whereas last January’s online application through the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) website may have almost fried their servers dry due to the sudden increase in traffic, they have now reverted back to the “usual” way of submitting your applications. Yep, no more online mumbo-jumbo; you now have to personally submit your application to any of the “DOH hospitals” or through any of the accredited CHDs  near your area. The Nurse Today page has graciously (and, I can imagine, painstakingly) listed the DOH-accredited hospitals nationwide.

While this is certainly good news for all of us who are involved in this industry, one can’t still help but wonder if there are long-term plans other than the aforementioned program that are in store for this current national dilemma that has defined Philippine society as of late.



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Health Secretary Enrique Ona Reiterates Positive Stance on RH Bill

Department of HealthIf you thought for even one second that the debates on the saga that is known as the Reproductive Health (RH) bill may have cooled down during these past few months, a speech made by Health Secretary Enrique Ona on Thursday’s ASEAN-sponsored Human Rights Conference on Promoting Maternal Health: Responding to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 5 may have the potential to, once again, stoke the flames on this divisive issue.

In the aforementioned speech, Secretary Ona had stated that “Health is a right that’s why it is important that each and every one of us has access to adequate health services and these include information and services on reproductive health.” And, knowing how to further drive a point home, he also added, “The death of mothers during childbirth–the act which breathes new life into this world–is totally unacceptable.”

The UN’s Goal 5 in question is the improvement of maternal health, so it’s not surprising why Dr. Ona seems to be pushing for the passage of the RH Bill. That may be a hard battle to win though, as just about almost every influential sector of Philippine society–from the Catholic Church and, uncharacteristically, even from the majority of the local healthcare division–are all in strong opposition to this bill. Well, here’s to some noisier months ahead of us.

Please click here to read the press release from the Department of Health. 

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2011 PNA Convention to be held on Cebu City on October 25-27

PNA Convention 2011 official poster

Image courtesy of Philippine Nurses' Association

For all the things that have been said about the Philippine Nurses’s Association (PNA) as of late, it may come something as a bit of a surprise that they’re going all-out on the run-up to the three-day convention that is going to be held on October 25 this year.

How “all-out”, you may ask? Well, for one, this may be only one of the rare instances where a major nursing convention is about to take place on a Visayan city–Cebu’s Waterfront Hotel and Casino, to be exact. That week is also replete with activities and freebies, including the now-obligatory “fun run” and a chance to win a free stay at the Crown Regency Hotel, among others. And whereas details for the past years’ conventions can only be gleamed through posters, flyers, journals, and on sites like Nurse Directory, they’re now savvy enough to anticipate that most professionals are now getting their information online; hence, an up-and-running website–complete with PDF links to their “mandated” timeline–is out for some time now. And yes, President Aquino’s gonna be there, if you do have to ask.

If there’s anything that may have changed for this year’s convention, registration is now less of a hassle than it was before. You can now deposit your payment online (although, curiously, you still have to upload your deposit slip for “proof”) through their PNB account.

And oh yeah, before I forget, the theme’s gonna be  “Filipino Nurses Driving Access, Quality, and Health”. I’m predicting that one of the “discussions” will have to revolve around the PNA’s official stance on the contentious RH Bill. Interested yet? If you’ve got the time (and the extra moolah, of course), then troop over here to find out more details on the upcoming event. Gotta warn you, though; listening to the music on that site over and over again may probably scar your mind with images of ’80s-era Olivia-Newton John for the rest of your life.

Thanks to Mr. Willymar dela Flor for giving me the heads-up on this news.

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MCNAP Now Holding Search for “The Outstanding Clinical Nurse in Maternal and Child Nursing 2011”

Hey there!

Image courtesy of Barry Lu.

With 2011 drawing to a close (71 days before Christmas, better get your bellies ready!), it should only take a matter of time before some prominent organizations announce their year-end awards. Hence, one of these organizations, the Mother and Child Nurses’ Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), has recently announced the start of its search for “The Outstanding Clinical Nurse in Maternal  and Child Nursing for 2011”.

So why is this announcement important? Simple–just try asking anyone who has spent 16 hours working inside a perpetually full maternal-and-child ward. It’s a gargantuan task trying to monitor both mother and baby at the same time, so the least one can do is to commend them for their hard work.

Interested? If so, then please click here  Continue reading

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Greeting, Fellow Ricnian! Welcome to the First Post Evah!!!




Confused? Well, don’t be. For more details, please click on the “About the Ricnians Page” right here!

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