About the Ricnians Page

Why hello there, fellow Ricnian! Greetings!

O, may blog na gali kami?!” Well, while this is technically a blog that is supposed to be dedicated to all things Ricnian, this is far from being an “official” page. Rather, this page was conceived as per the mandated request of our Dear Leader, Mr. Ricardo Francisco Villaruel Planta, to yours truly. As you may have known by now (particularly if you’re the type who logs in to Facebook every 8 hours and read all the posts like you’re just drinking Red Horse beer), our Head Ricnian had already left behind the little island we all know as Home last October 2, for the sandier–but, financially speaking, greener–pastures of Kuwait.

I’ll be honest: I really have no idea at first as to how I can possibly update this page on a near-regular basis. Well, we can always post some links here from the two Ricnian-themed (i.e. ricniAns and RICNIANS and Friends, for the uninitiated) groups as to who has birthdays, marriages, births, christenings, sin-o nagdayunay, sin-o nagbulagay, or any announcements for a certain month, but haven’t we signed up for FB just for that purpose? However, there is one unwritten purpose that contemporary social media also serves, other than just posting how’s your day like in 150 characters or less (yeah, I know that that’s for Twitter, but just allow me to be dramatic for a sec here): it decentralizes information and–more importantly–it enables the connection of two disparate groups of people together who have something in common… something more encompassing than what school we had attended, what degree we had finished, or what job we had held for the last three years. Needless to say, this page also pertains to YOU, our dear reader.

Well, if we’re gonna be making a blog, it better be a community-moderated one; in other words, any true-blooded Ricnian (or any aspiring one. Welcome to the club, son!) can also be a contributor to this page. The content can just be about anything–greetings and/or announcements (yes, even the professionally precious seminars), essays, pics, or videos; just treat this page as your personal outlet if you happen to find that your usual posts are running, say, more than three paragraphs long. And if we’ve learned anything from using FB for the past couple of years, it’s that barely anyone reads a full-blown essay on a Wall post, amirite? I will then try to paste your posts here unabridged and unedited, just like the God above intended for every Man to see (yep, that’s my Theo 101 talking)

Admittedly, this page still hangs in a crappy limbo of amateuristic dilettantism. That’s why,as early as now, I’m begging for any thoughts or feedback that may already be brewing in those Christian minds of yours. Sounds just about fair, doesn’t it? Well, crack those knuckles and start burning ’em keyboards then! The “official” mail for this page is at ricnians_4_lyf@hotmail.com. Kita-kits na lang sa message boards, brothers and sisters!


6 Responses to About the Ricnians Page

  1. Willymar Dela Flor says:

    Bravo! this is now a reality, I am happy you created this Homepage for Ricnians and updated on what is happening around us and for the group. This should be supported by everyone. Kudos to the founder!

  2. rose june cerrada says:

    nice one,.. love it,… thanks s naghimu sini,.. good job!

  3. ric francis planta says:

    We are inviting everyone to attend the RENAL EXPO on February 19, 2012 at Westown Hotel, Smallville Iloilo, Registration Fee includes 3 Certificates, 2 Snacks, Lunch and Seminar Kit. Accreditation Exam will also take place during the said event! See poster for more details!

  4. Willymar says:

    i want to share something pero I can’t create one…

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