The First-Ever Ricnians Travelogue–Day One: THE CEBU CAPER!

Hey there!

Don’t be shocked, y’all—this isn’t specifically a nursing/medicine page. If it is, then it’s just another meaningless addition to the dozens of spammy Nurses’ pages that have been popping up recently. And we don’t even earn anything through this blog (although having more than a dozen hits can be quite nice), so what we’ve been doing until recently is giving out free shout-outs with nothing in return.

Well then… it’s time to change tack.

As the slogan on the right of the banner read, this is all about “Everything and Anything Ricnian-Related”. More than anything, we’re doing this for the love of the Ricnian Foundation and nothing else (more on that on Day 2 of this post). So yes, while it’s been a long time since this page was updated, one can only wrack his/her brains so much to find anything meaningful to write (which is one of the reasons why we’ve been urging the rest of you kids to contribute something to the page); thus, the most we can come up with is a clichéd travel blog. But since this is our first stab ever at writing one, we ask you to be gentle with us; otherwise, we’ll bleed to death (*wink wink* *nudge nudge*).

Ohh-kay… time to get minds off the gutter now. If you can be bothered to read something that might concern you, then go ahead and read after the jump (A note before you proceed, though—for reasons of “continuity”, we’ll be dividing all three days into three separate posts, with all of them appearing as a sort of personal “time log” because… you know, that’s the cool thing to do nowadays).

Day 1—April 27, 2012

16:15—Ever went on a trip for the first time in a place you’re so unfamiliar with that the thought of being out-of-towners is enough for you to get kidnapped? Just a random thought as we’re all preparing to go to the airport to board our respective flights (on which C-Squared should be commended on, if only for the fact that it’s goddamned hard to find a round trip ticket under ₱2,500) for Cebu.

17:38—Probably sure I’ve heard this joke before on Beerkada (awesome strip, by the way), and it goes something like our whole culture is based upon “waiting”, “lines”, and “waiting for deadlines”. In this case though, we don’t seem to mind a bit, since there’s a huge chance that foreigners will also have to suffer the same flight delays as those of us who comprise the brown-er kind. What’s that saying about misery and company again?

20:01—As expected, the flight had been “delayed” for ten minutes. And since we took our sweet, sweet time finishing our cups (as in little Styrofoam cups) of coffee for over two hours, we were understandably tired and hungry. Well… tired, only a little bit. But hungry? Well, what kind of person isn’t always hungry? Man, we really can’t wait for Cebu, not just for the famed lechon (because we haven’t tasted any of it), but because we need to eat fast… and quick!

20:48—Whaddaya know? We did arrive before 9 pm. And just like the poor schmucks from The Amazing Race, we hurriedly got out of the airport—without even stopping for a quick leak in the loo—and frantically looked for a taxi on the front. Off to dinner we go!

21:00-ish—The nice thing about Cebu City is that, while it can be large and “city-like” enough to look something out of a Brillante Mendoza film, at least you can be rest assured that all roads seem to point forward. However, one thing that doesn’t change a bit is the presence of a leeching driver; suspecting that we may be “tourists” (which, in a way, is  quite accurate when you get to think about it), he drove us to the longest route possible to get to Yayoy’s Grill and Resto (Orchid St., Capitol Site). Hungry and pissed off at the same time? Now that’s a potent combination.

Before Dinner…

21:30—Yea for Doodz! How long has it been? Two years? Well, let’s chit-chat later and get straight to the food! (If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted any “food photos” that should, as a rule, accompany every travel blog, please see above.)

After Dinner. See the difference?

22:13—This particular instance may serve as a prelude to a certain theme that will resonate throughout the rest of the trip—the issue of cost-cutting. In this case, since we were told that the C’est La Vie Pension (I would prefer to withhold the address, but if you want an entertaining read to go along with it, then click here) is just ahead of Yayoy’s, like the little troopers that we are, we scrunched our pockets tight for a cab, and instead walked what seem about to be more than a kilometre straight to the “hotel”, with huge-ass bags in tow.

22:47—Have you clicked the link yet? If not, better do so now. It really is an awesome, awesome anecdote detailing the meaning of life itself.

23:07—If you were a rational adult, the normal course of action would be for you to get some shut-eye to prep you up for the six o’clock trip. But since we’re firm believers in the adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” (and because we believe ourselves to be excused since “kaisa man lang kami magkit-anay ah”), we went ahead and walked to The Walk (Asiatown IT Park, Apas, Dakbayan sa Sugbu). On a related note, that last pun sounded as corny as puke.


23:52—Cebu’s IT Park looks like it can be a stand-in for that other coño center at Global City, with the only difference being that you can easily make your way around for the first time—perfect for folks who have no sense of direction (*ahem ahem*). We settled in a bar two blocks away from where The Walk symbol was being displayed like a less garish counterpart of the Hollywood sign, and we promised ourselves to have tig-wa-one bott.

Proceeds from this endorsement will be forwarded to The Ricnians Foundation.

01:13—The problem with drinking with a group is that it can be exactly unpredictable when you want the “session” to end. If one of us still looks like he (we can fully guarantee you that it’s always a male) is about to die of parchedness—and in this weather, this is a valid reason to give to your wife when you stumble home drunk—then who are we to deny his god-given rights? Also, if you were astute enough, you would see that a good majority of the pictures were taken while the group was drinking; you should always expect that when doing a travelogue.

The original party animal–Willyfreak

01:43—Someone finally had the good sense to end the suffering (of our livers). Teddy, that big lug of a softie, piped up and said that we should go to Atrium and grab a bite on Chowking. He came up with that while still being sober, by the way.

02:00-ish—Goddamn right, we were exhausted. Cielito—always the responsible one—gave strict instructions to everyone to wake up at about 4 am. As you would expect, that should be easier said than done.

So, Day 1 (well… six hours of it, at least) ended. Will we make it in time to the Ferry? Will hijinks ensue? Watch out for Part 2 and 3! As always, we urge you sound off on the comments board below. Better yet, contribute some content to the blog by mailing it at

While we were too late to catch the Cebu sunset–what the hell, this seems like an appropriate way to end the post.


  • The food
  • The drinks
  • What else have you got?
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