DOH To Start Hiring for 2nd Batch of RN Heals Program

RN Heals 2nd Batch

Is this meant to signal a brighter future ahead for the thousands of unemployed nurses nationwide? Image courtesy of Nurse Today.

The Department of Health’s Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement And Local Service (RN Heals) program was a wildly successful project right from the outset, garnering an immediate 10,000 applicants nationwide within hours of its announcement. While its initial launch had served its purpose well–providing employment to nurses who need it the most and deploying them to areas where health care workers are scarce or aren’t even present at all–it can only do so much in addressing the high unemployment rate that still plagues the thousands of nurses here in the Philippines. Thus, it may be no surprise to anyone that it didn’t take long before a search for the “second batch” of applicants had been announced a couple of days ago… and reportedly on a Wall post, no less.

According to the blog post of Alvin Dakis, president of The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates, International (ANYLA), the DOH is indeed hiring, and a scanned copy of the guidelines is now currently being circulated online as of this writing. Some bullet points from this document that are sure to be highlighted are the number of nurses needed and the proposed rate of allowances that are to be allotted for each of these successful applicants: DOH has now bumped up the number of applicants needed to 11,500 nationwide, and the salary is still fixed at a fairly serviceable amount of  ₱ 8,000.

There is, however, one minor–but no less significant–change in the application process this time around. Whereas last January’s online application through the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) website may have almost fried their servers dry due to the sudden increase in traffic, they have now reverted back to the “usual” way of submitting your applications. Yep, no more online mumbo-jumbo; you now have to personally submit your application to any of the “DOH hospitals” or through any of the accredited CHDs  near your area. The Nurse Today page has graciously (and, I can imagine, painstakingly) listed the DOH-accredited hospitals nationwide.

While this is certainly good news for all of us who are involved in this industry, one can’t still help but wonder if there are long-term plans other than the aforementioned program that are in store for this current national dilemma that has defined Philippine society as of late.



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