2011 PNA Convention to be held on Cebu City on October 25-27

PNA Convention 2011 official poster

Image courtesy of Philippine Nurses' Association

For all the things that have been said about the Philippine Nurses’s Association (PNA) as of late, it may come something as a bit of a surprise that they’re going all-out on the run-up to the three-day convention that is going to be held on October 25 this year.

How “all-out”, you may ask? Well, for one, this may be only one of the rare instances where a major nursing convention is about to take place on a Visayan city–Cebu’s Waterfront Hotel and Casino, to be exact. That week is also replete with activities and freebies, including the now-obligatory “fun run” and a chance to win a free stay at the Crown Regency Hotel, among others. And whereas details for the past years’ conventions can only be gleamed through posters, flyers, journals, and on sites like Nurse Directory, they’re now savvy enough to anticipate that most professionals are now getting their information online; hence, an up-and-running website–complete with PDF links to their “mandated” timeline–is out for some time now. And yes, President Aquino’s gonna be there, if you do have to ask.

If there’s anything that may have changed for this year’s convention, registration is now less of a hassle than it was before. You can now deposit your payment online (although, curiously, you still have to upload your deposit slip for “proof”) through their PNB account.

And oh yeah, before I forget, the theme’s gonna be  “Filipino Nurses Driving Access, Quality, and Health”. I’m predicting that one of the “discussions” will have to revolve around the PNA’s official stance on the contentious RH Bill. Interested yet? If you’ve got the time (and the extra moolah, of course), then troop over here to find out more details on the upcoming event. Gotta warn you, though; listening to the music on that site over and over again may probably scar your mind with images of ’80s-era Olivia-Newton John for the rest of your life.

Thanks to Mr. Willymar dela Flor for giving me the heads-up on this news.

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